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Transportation access

Domestic and international links

There is arguably no other place in Europe with transport access as superior as that of Gateway Gardens: Located right next to an airport, to a high-speed train station and to a regional train station, it also boasts direct motorway access to the north/southbound A5 and the east/westbound A3. Buses and trains of the public mass transit system connect Gateway Gardens to one of the economically strongest metro regions in Europe. By 2019, “Gateway Gardens” will have a dedicated station connecting it to the metro region's rapid transit system. With Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport just a short walk away, getting from your office to the check-in will take mere minutes, and business partner will reach you just as quickly. This sort of proximity means you can meet clients and partners from all over the world right here, without getting stuck in traffic or having to travel long distance and without causing extra pollution. But Gateway Gardens will also accommodate your visitors' busy schedules because you can arrange to meet them prior to boarding, just off the the plane, or between flights – including on very short notice.

Getting there & Parking

Be in your professional or private life: Time is a valuable asset. Gateway Gardens will give you and your employees extra time. No only by letting you get to your destinations quicker on your regular travels near and far, but also by shortening your commute between home and workplace. Gateway Gardens also straddles the “Frankfurter Kreuz” motorway interchange, one of the most important transport hubs in Europe, and benefits from dedicated ramps to the motorways A3 and A5 and the B43 dual carriageway. This makes Gateway Gardens a sanctuary that will spare you rush hours and – given the ample supply of parking spaces – the manic search for a place to park. Green alternatives to driving include commuter trains serving the dedicated rapid transit station and public bus lines and private shuttle buses. You may also opt to cycle in, using the trails in the municipal forest.