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Green Quarter

The Green Heart of Airport City

Gateway Gardens is aptly named: Working and living here means you are surrounded by greenery, having the 8,000-hectare nature reserve of the municipal forest right outside. While located next to the city's green lung, it also has some old-growth trees in the own central park – the perfect place for taking time out and regaining your focus.

As it is, employees of the resident companies already make extensive use of the green heart of Airport City. A running club has formed that makes active use of the park and woodland trails. It is also planned to install a work-out trail. It is this green splendour that makes Gateway Gardens at Frankfurt Airport so unique.

After all, sustainability goes hand in glove with a green environment.


And being close to nature as it presents itself in the form of park and forest is a daily reminder of our responsibility vis-à-vis the environment. Which is why Gateway Gardens was conceived as one of the few quarters to be certified by the DGNB German Sustainable Building Council for its sustainability concept.

A wide variety of measures were devised to meet the high DGNB green standard. One of them is the requirement to have at least half of the roof spaces at Gateway Gardens planted in green. Another is that all buildings must be built and operated in compliance with the strict specifications of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), with some to exceed the EnEV standards by 30%.

The Objective: Becoming Germany's First E-City


The concept of sustainability, one of the key issues going forward, also calls for a reduction of emissions and energy consumption. It is therefore the stated goal of Gateway Gardens to become the country's first electric mobility city (or short “e-city”). Already in place at this time are a charging station for electric cars, a bicycle rental station, and access to the cycle path network of the greater Rhine-Main metro area.