Airport City

An Aviation Hub at the Centre of Things

The world is coming closer together. Expanding Frankfurt Airport City is a plausible step to take considering the growth in air travel and the global trend of developing business hubs in direct proximity of international airports.

An entire city is being created around one of the largest airports in mainland Europe – Frankfurt Airport City. The global business village Gateway Gardens is situated within walking distance of Terminal 2 of Frankfurt International Airport. The area is the hot spot of the steadily expanding Frankfurt Airport City – a place full of options and use opportunities.

Definitely a hub in the centre of Europe.

  • With the airport just a short walk away, getting from your office to your gate will take mere minutes, and business partner will get to you just as quickly.
  • With its workforce of more than 78,000 and 500 resident companies, the airport is a lucrative market in its own right.
  • The infrastructure of Frankfurt Airport City offers an international spectrum of retail venues, restaurants, amenities – all within easy reach.
  • The financial metropolis of Frankfurt and its greater metro area count among Germany's economically strongest regions.
  • 38 million people live within a 200 kilometre radius, while Germany as a whole has one of the strongest national economies worldwide.